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Concrete Breaking Services in Bangalore India

Breaking concrete...the easy way
Those who have concrete floors, driveways, or sidewalks around their property, may need to break up concrete to repair underground plumbing or other utilities.
These steps will help you learn the basics for this daunting job.

breaking-concreteDetermine if and where you will need to break the concrete. If you are looking for a broken water or drain line, and you can locate the general area you suspect the problem to be in, you can save a lot of work and expense. Here are some things to look for:

For plumbing problems, try to determine the location and depth of the underground pipes. Look for a valve, exterior hose bibb; or on a waste line, a cleanout to indicate the location of pipes

For water problems, look for areas where water is either bubbling up through cracks in the concrete, or seeping out around the edges of the slab
For electrical lines, you may find you have to locate the conduit outside the slab area and dig up a length of it to determine where the rest of it runs.

For other types of repairs, or for installing new utilities that require excavating a ditch through an area paved with concrete, you may have to guess or research construction plans to determine where to begin.